Who I Am

If you are coming across this website for the first time, you might be wondering who this person is that writes the things here.  I'll be brief about it because there is more to see than reading about the person behind the curtain. 

First thing I would like to point out is this: I don't use my real life name online.  I prefer having that sort of anonymity presence online.  Most of the general population knows the story of Alice in Wonderland and the various creatures that reside in that novel.  The Cheshire Cat is one of my favorites because of how it speaks, thinks, and interacts with others.  In most of the online communities that I am a part of, I take on this name or some derivative of it.  Perhaps I might see you around.

I have 2 degrees, a license, and a certificate.  One of those degrees is an A.A.S in Veterinary Technology, which entails a professional license to practice.  At some point, I decided to get a certificate for animal behavior, mostly in dog training.  My last degree is a B.A in Computer Game Design and Development.  This website deals with that last part, the game design and development.  I graduated 2016 from Kennesaw State University, which was previously known as the Southern Polytechnic State University. 

Due to a few situations, I had changed the host for my portfolio website to where it currently resides.  Rebuilding from the ground up will take some time and it may not look pretty at first, but I will continue to improve things as I do with my development skills in my games.  Thank you for visiting my portfolio and I hope to see you come back soon.